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Tip 3- Is Your Salt Shaker Making You Tired?

Eating salty foods can deplete your potassium levels. When your body is low in potassium, you may feel fatigue and exhaustion. Low levels of potassium have also been linked to weak bones and cardiovascular disease. Eat more potassium rich foods, such as: apricots, avocados, dates, honeydew melon, […]

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Tip 2: Lose Weight While You Sleep

Gain weight over night? It’s possible. If you eat a meal loaded with sodium, you will gain weight, water weight, making it difficult to zip your pants in morning. To get rid of excess water weight, try eating an all natural (healthy) diuretic. Parsley is a mild […]

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Tip 1: Eat Fiber to Lose Weight

Increase weight loss by adding fiber. Some of the fat you eat gets mixed with the fiber, which then gets excreted (sounds gross, but it’s a good thing). Eating fiber makes you feel fuller, longer, helping to limit your trips to the refrigerator. Today’s tip: Add a […]

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