Tip 52- 100 Calories a Day

NO, this is not a new Hollywood weight loss diet. These are the extra calories that creep up when we are not paying attention. Eating an extra 100 calories a day adds up to an extra 10 pounds of fat a year. For most of us, it happens in the winter, colder days make us crave comfort foods and we end up eating more to stay warm (that’s my excuse).

 Here’s what 100 calories looks like:

  • Pat of butter
  • 5 big bites of macaroni and cheese
  • Mayo or cheese on your sandwich
  • 3 leftover pizza crusts
  • Eating the leftovers while cleaning the kitchen

Today’s tip: Don’t just cut the extra calories, burn them. If you take the stairs vs. elevator, you can burn 50 extra cals a day or lose 5 pounds of fat/year. Walk the dog each night after dinner for 10 minutes to burn about 6 pounds of fat/year.

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