Tip 48- How Often Do You Eat Out Each Week?

The average American eats out 4 times per week. When you eat away from home, you eat, on average, an extra 300 calories per day. Do the math: 4 days a week, you eat an extra 300 calories; that’s 1,200 calories a week. At this rate, you will gain a pound of fat every 3 weeks. You’d have to jog 12 miles a week to burn these extra calories. 
Today’s tip:Pack lunch/snacks. 
My favorite lunch:High fiber tortilla (Mission brand) filled with chopped veggies, 3 slices of lean turkey, and drizzled with honey mustard dressing. If I’m really watching my lunch calories, I might swap the tortilla for a lettuce leaf and save myself 100 calories. 
Favorite snacks:Mid morning:a pear or apple with 1 Tbs of peanut butter.
Mid afternoon:Snap peas with an ounce of nuts or carrot sticks with 2 Tbs of hummus.

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