Tip 16- Immune Boosting Foods

We all have an immune system, but some of us take better care of it than others! Smoking, drinking, stress, fast food and lack of sleep can destroy your immune response, making your body susceptible to bugs and germs.

Eating healthy food can boost your immune system. In the next 4 weeks, you will learn about the top 4 immune boosting foods that you should include everyday throughout the winter.

-Oranges. Have your daily dose of Vitamin C (VC). VC stimulates the growth of antibodies that help your body fight infections. Also, VC helps to relieve a stuffy nose/congestion.

Today’s tip: Buy a bag of oranges and keep one in your desk and a few in your car. Eat one daily. Skip the big glass of orange juice; while it’s a good dose of VC, it has a lot of sugar which can suppress your immune system.

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