3 Must-Know Weight Loss Tips

Just about every time we turn around, it seems like there’s a new magic pill or super-food that is supposed to help us skip all of the hard work and lose weight over night. It’s no wonder we’re all left scratching our heads. But here’s what you need to know. Although we do learn new things and make serious technological advances, the basic tenants of healthy eating haven’t changed in many decades.

> Your grandma may make the best marinara sauce, but the mother of all that is healthy is Mother Nature. Her food is the best you could possibly eat.

> In order to be healthy, you must exercise.

Are these things surprising? They shouldn’t be. But that doesn’t mean we’re following the rules that we know can lead us to optimal health. Fortunately, health isn’t an all or nothing kind of thing. It’s okay to take baby steps, and it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. A Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study found that there are three habits that seem to help people maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Keep a Journal – In this study, those who kept food logs lost an average of six pounds more than those who didn’t.

  1. Never Skip Meals – Eating three meals a day resulted in an average weight loss of eight pounds more than the women who skipped meals.

  1. Cook at Home – Restaurant food is usually loaded with fat, calories and/or sodium, so it seems natural that women who ate away from home once per week or more lost an average of five fewer pounds than those who cooked more often at home.

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