Stand UP!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like you’ve only gotten up out of your seat to use the bathroom or grab a bite to eat? When we get super busy, it happens. But research has shown that it might be dangerous to make it a habit.

Are you sitting right now? If you’re reading this, chances are good that you are. Here is the first reason why you should consider standing up right now (and more often in the future):

1. Interrupted sitting may improve blood sugar levels. A Diabetes Care study published this month found that sitting with short bouts of light or moderate intensity walking lowers post-meal glucose and insulin levels in obese adults.

2. Standing more often may have mental health benefits. A June 2013 Mental Health and Physical Activity study found that people who were required to sit for longer periods of time at work were more likely to experience signs of psychological distress, regardless of their physical activity level outside of work.

3. Prolonged sitting may increase heart disease risk. A June 2013 Journal of the American College of Cardiology study found that postmenopausal women who sat for more than 10 hours per day were at greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease than those who sat for five or fewer hours daily. Again, the results did not consider leisure-time activity levels. 

4. Standing three (or fewer) hours daily may prolong your life. A 2010 American Cancer Society review analyzed data from a 14-year study of 123,000 middle aged men and women and found that women who sat for at least six hours a day had a 34 percent higher death rate (during the course of the study) than those who sat for three or fewer hours daily. Men who sat more than six hours had a 17 percent higher death rate than men who sat for three hours.

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