Turkey, Yams, Pie, Oh My!


During the holidays, what do you look forward to more: time with family and friends or permission to indulge your appetite with all those goodies? Are thoughts of hitting the buffet as exciting as spending time with friends?

Smart eating during the holidays is a challenge. Going into the season overweight makes emerging from  it undamaged almost impossible.

These habits will help reduce the temptation to gorge:

Exercise in the morning. Exercising on the day of a “food event” will boost your endorphins, giving you more control over your appetite all day.

Eat protein in the morning. Eating a high protein breakfast will help prevent sugar cravings later in the day and fill your tummy for a few hours. One or two eggs plus toast are my favorite.

Eat a high-fiber snack before the party. The fiber content will fill you up. Snacking on an apple will do the trick.

Wear pants with a belt. Leave the elastic-waistband pants in the closet. Pants with a belt will help remind you when you’ve had enough.

Keep a cup of tea or coffee in hand. The hot liquid helps to kill your appetite, allowing you to slow down and really enjoy your food.

Drink enough water. I start my day with at least 8 ounces of water and continue drinking water throughout the day. Hydration keeps you feeling full and is one of the best gifts you can give your body. (One look in the toilet bowl will tell you that you’re getting enough water – your urine should look almost clear.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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