Tip 71- Sneaky Calories

You’ve been exercising for weeks. It’s your first day to step on the scale, and YIKES! You’re still the same weight. Sometimes calories can sneak up on you and bite you in the….well; I think you see my point.

 Here are some sneaky food shockers:

  1.  The average coffee shop muffin has over 400 calories, with as much sugar as a candy bar.

 Yoplait fat free boysenberry yogurt has 27 grams of sugar (almost 7 packets of sugar) and 170 cals/serving.

 A Starbucks’ blueberry scone had 460 cals and 27 grams of fat. That’s half of your fat allotment for the day!

 Beware of salad dressing packets that come with your meal, most have over 200 cals and 30% of your daily fat grams.

 Bottled spaghetti sauce has about 2-3 packets of sugar per ½ cup serving.

 Today’s tip: Pack a high protein snack (1 oz of nuts/seeds or a protein bar) to take with your during the day.  I like ThinkThin crunch bars for a high protein snack. If I pack smart, then I don’t have to depend on coffee shops or vending machines for food.

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