The HealthStyle File- Lunch Time Rocket Fuel


You slept late and skipped breakfast. Now it’s time for lunch and you are ravenous. What can you eat that will boost your energy and won’t slow you down for the rest of the day?


Overeating at lunch, and eating the wrong foods, will set your body up for the perfect afternoon nap. If a nap isn’t an option for you, you will need to learn to add high-energy foods to your lunch to boost your afternoon energy and your brainpower.


  • Avoid high-sugar foods and excess fat.
  • Make veggies a big part of your meal.
  • Cut back on carbs and include more veggies and protein.

How to apply the above recommendations to popular lunches:

  1. Sandwich. Remove some of the meat and cheese; eat the sandwich open-faced if feeling really tired (carbs can relax you and make you tired). Add some fiber, such as a whole apple or veggie salad to help keep your energy steady.
  2. Chinese food. Skip the fried rice and chow mein. Eat as many veggies as you want. Protein and rice should each take up about 25 percent of the space on your plate. Brown rice will boost your energy more than white.
  3. Mexican food. Fajitas are a good choice. Eat all the veggies; your protein should take up about 25 percent of your plate. Black or pinto beans are better for your energy than refried (too much fat). Choose either a tortilla or rice, but not both (too many carbs). Sour cream and cheese (too much fat) are also energy zappers.
  4. Always have on hand a high-fiber, high-energy snack that can help increase the energy you get from your lunch. Some examples are: piece of fruit, carrot sticks, edamame (fresh soybeans).
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