Laugh the Pounds Away

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? You know the kind I mean. If you were drinking milk, it probably would have come shooting out of your nose causing even more extreme fits of laughter. It is true that laughter is the best medicine. It can help diffuse stress and increase energy, which can allow your body to relax and start losing weight. Laughter and fun is just all around good for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot fake this kind of happiness, but you can help it along. But it is a good thing that laughter is contagious. Watch someone else laugh from the gut and try not to do the same. It’s about as difficult as avoiding a yawn in the presence of someone who can’t stop. But your own laughter is also contagious. Laugh just once, and it’s that much easier to do it again.

Here are some tips for tickling your funny bone:

1. Watch some standup comedy – If you can go to a live show or even an open mic night, do it! There is a chance that you won’t find the jokes funny, but if the crowd is good, you’re likely to still get a chuckle or two.

2. Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this – Remember what I said about laughter being contagious. You can’t tell me this didn’t make you crack a smile. 🙂

3. Call your BFF – Everyone has that one person who can make them laugh no matter what. Okay, maybe not in the most serious of times, but you know what I mean. Set aside some time to call this person and have a lengthy laughter-filled conversation

4. Fake it ’til you make it! – If you have followed all of my tips already and are still sporting a frown, you may need some more intense laughter therapy. That’s okay. Just practice smiling a little more often. The act of smiling will provide a slight lift to your spirits and will eventually start making you feel better

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  • Gerald anton chuwa
    Posted at 10:38h, 11 May Reply

    my blood glucose falls between 9 and 10 mmols when i do exercise it
    comes to 7 mmols

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