Blueberry brain bliss smoothie deborah enos

Blueberry Brain Bliss Smoothie

Blueberry brain bliss smoothie deborah enosHere is my favorite recipe for a healthy after school smoothie:

Blueberry Brain Bliss Smoothie

I love blueberries, in fact, I call them brain berries. Their antioxidants  have been shown to support brain health (great at any age!).

2 cups of Blueberries

1 medium banana

2 cups of 1% milk

¾ cup of non-fat Greek yogurt

1 Tbs. of ground flaxseed

3-5 ice cubes

½ of an avocado

Drizzle of dark honey (if you or your kids like the smoothie a bit sweeter)

Add all the ingredients into a blender and mix until you get the consistency you desire.

Servers four, 6 ounce smoothies.

Why this smoothie is so good for you:

• Approximately 2 servings of fruit/serving.

• High in fiber

• High in heart healthy omega fatty acids

• Good dose of vitamin E.

• Full of lean protein

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