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Get Up and Move!!

You. Yes, that’s right. You, right there. Sitting in your chair. GET UP! Just trust me on this. Getting out of your chair during the day helps to change your perspective and get your blood flowing. Need more reasons to get your butt out of that chair? […]

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3 Must-Know Weight Loss Tips

Just about every time we turn around, it seems like there’s a new magic pill or super-food that is supposed to help us skip all of the hard work and lose weight over night. It’s no wonder we’re all left scratching our heads. But here’s what you […]

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Lean Green Smoothie Recipe

Recipe modified from the original created by: Ellen Troyer, with Spencer Thornton, MD and the Biosyntrx staff. This smoothie is packed full of nutrition that helps detoxify your liver, kidneys and bloodstream, as well as reducing inflammation and helping to re-hydrate your body. It also restores your body’s […]

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Breaking News – Belly fat is bad! I’ll give you a minute to get back onto your chairs now. Okay, so it’s not so shocking, but it may be worse for you than you were thinking. Studies have shown that belly fat increases your risk for cardiovascular […]

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Reducing Blood Pressure

We like to think that there is safety in numbers. If we’re all dealing with the same problems, those problems seem less scary, right? Well, when it comes to health, this kind of mentality works against us. Just because one in three people have high blood pressure […]

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Get Happy!

Have you ever heard of a study indicating that we should eat more junk food? Me either. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear about the results of a March 2012 Public Health Nutrition (a Cambridge Journal) study. Researchers found that people who ate junk food were […]

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Chocolate | How to Get More of the Good Stuff

In my household, I am what some would call the “resident chocoholic” (although my daughter comes in a close second). So, every new study that shows a benefit to eating chocolate just simply warms my heart (and warms-up my taste buds). But, over the years I’ve had […]

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How to Avoid a Sugar Addiction

Although I make an effort to eat healthy every day, there are times when I just crave something sweet (and less-than healthy). Normally, I would go for a nutritious homemade frozen yogurt pop, but when I’m out and about, I don’t have that option. There are times […]

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Trans Fats Explained

One of my least favorite topics has been in the news again recently: Trans fats. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind the conversations. I just wish that this unhealthy fat wasn’t so prevalent in our food supply. And if it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have to […]

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Can Exercise Sabotage Your Diet?

We’ve all heard the old expression about “working up an appetite,” but what does that really mean? Can exercise actually sabotage your diet? As the theory goes, we eat more food after exercising in order to replace lost calories. Not only does the old adage bring up […]

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