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Archive for September 2009

Tip 22- Fix your Broken Metabolism (Part 3)

Surprising ways to fix your broken metabolism… Drink more water. Your body needs water to work effectively, this includes your metabolism. Laugh daily. Research shows that you burn 10-40 extra calories with every laughing session. This may not seem like much, but it all adds up! Get […]

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Tip 21- Fix your Broken Metabolism (Part 2)

Burn calories, don’t cut them. Muscle is the key to keeping a high metabolism. A low calorie diet (less than 1000/day) will destroy muscle. The only way to add muscle to your frame is to keep moving. It doesn’t have to be a heart pounding, sweat inducing […]

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Tip 20- Fix your Broken Metabolism

We lose about 10% of our metabolism with every passing decade. This is due to skipping meals, lack of activity and decreasing muscle mass. The worst culprit (the one I did for years) is skipping meals. I’d get up early, drink coffee and not eat until lunch. […]

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Tip 19- Immune Boosting Foods #4

Garlic is nature’s secret weapon. It is a potent antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial weapon. Allicin, the sulfurous chemical compound responsible for the stinky aspects of garlic, has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria and even kill some germs on contact! One study found that garlic […]

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Tip 18- Immune Boosting Foods #3

Eat more bacteria! Stick with good bacteria from yogurt. Your stomach/intestines have over 500 varieties of bacteria. Good bacteria (also called, probiotics) help to increase the numbers of good guys, while crowding out the bad guys in your gut. The bulk of your immune system is located […]

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Tip 17- Immune Boosting Foods #2

Show me the beef! Grass-fed beef, that is… Zinc deficiency is common in the U.S. because many Americans aren’t eating enough zinc rich foods. Common symptoms of zinc deficiency are frequent colds and infections. Zinc will stimulate your body to produce immune boosting antibodies (this is why […]

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Tip 16- Immune Boosting Foods

We all have an immune system, but some of us take better care of it than others! Smoking, drinking, stress, fast food and lack of sleep can destroy your immune response, making your body susceptible to bugs and germs. Eating healthy food can boost your immune system. […]

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Tip 15- Having Trouble Dropping Your Spare Tire?

Research suggests that belly fat produces an appetite stimulant, making you feel hungry more often. This sets up a vicious cycle of “old” belly fat leading to “new” belly fat. Here are some tips to help deflate your spare tire: Eat whole grains. People who eat whole […]

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Tip 14- Can A Lack of Sleep Make You Fat?

Sleep, or lack thereof, is something that more than 50 percent of Americans have trouble with at least a few times each week. When you frequently get less sleep than your body needs, you are setting yourself up for a slower metabolism (you can gain weight if […]

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Tip 13- Floss to Improve Memory?

The link between gum disease and dementia has already been established. Now researchers are finding that the more inflammation (from gum disease) in your body, the weaker your memory will be. Researchers suggest that we keep our mouths as clean as possible and brush after every meal […]

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