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Archive for April 2014

Fun with Fiber | 5 Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast!


Okay, so fun probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fiber, but maybe it should be! What’s more fun that hopping on the scale and finding out that you’ve lost a few pounds? Umm… nothing? When you eat fiber-rich foods, some […]

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If A Bug Wouldn’t Eat It, Neither Should You!


Heads up! You’ve been consuming residue that’s designed to kill. Crops are often coated with pesticides that are toxic to bugs, weeds and anything else that might compromise food intended for you. But what many don’t realize is that they can be toxic to you too! The […]

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5 Healthy Habits We All Should Adopt


Have you ever heard advice from someone who is clearly not qualified to offer their two cents? We’ve all been there. There’s the perpetually-unemployed uncle giving career advice, and the lifelong yo-yo dieter giving nutritional advice. We don’t want to be rude, but we can’t help but […]

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Bloating 101 | 3 Foods to Deflate Sausage Feet


If you’re reading this, chances are the title grabbed your attention. We’ve all experienced sausage feet at one point in our lives right? My aha moment was a few years ago… I was on a long flight with my husband and had taken off my shoes as […]

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Jumpstart Your Weight Loss with These 3 Tips


Have you ever been in denial about weight gain? I was in that exact position a few years ago. You couldn’t have paid me to get on a scale! As long as I didn’t have to see my actual weight, I could continue wearing my stretch pants […]

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