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Archive for August 2010

The HealthStyle File- Beating the Winter Blues-Naturally

What-the symptoms: Fatigue. Feeling like you just can’t wake up. Cravings for sugar, caffeine and pastries. Moodiness and depression. Why it happens: Lack of light and daylight hours. Lack of “bright light.” Not enough light; so not enough melatonin-lack of good sleep. Too much sugar, white flour, […]

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The HealthStyle File- Migraines and Tension Headaches

What: Tension Headaches: 1.     A band of tightness that starts in the neck and slowly makes its way around the side of your head to the forehead. 2.     90% of adults have them, more women then men. 3.     Lack of blood flow to the head, tension in […]

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Tip 64- Health Shockers

As a reader of my newsletter, you know that I love the quick, and often bizarre, health facts. Here are a few health shockers that I had to share with you. Reading can lower your stress levels by 68%. Listening to music? 61%. I imagine that what […]

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The HealthStyle File- Prescription Drugs

What: Medicines are expensive and often have side effects. But almost every drug on the market has some sort of side effect. Sometimes the side effect is minor, but often the list of possible problems can take up an entire page! I’m not telling you to avoid […]

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The HealthStyle File- Sneaky Energy Stealers…

What: When the weather turns cold (and gray) your body will naturally begin to crave more carbohydrates and fat. These food cravings can be very strong and they seem to get stronger as the weather gets darker. Why: Donuts, cookies, pizza and candy bars have something in […]

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The HealthStyle File- Chronic Indigestion…

What: Remember that old commercial that proclaimed, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” This is the season of overeating, and many of you may experience the following not so pleasant symptoms: gas, bloating, acid reflux and burping. When you overeat, stomach acid can rise up […]

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The HealthStyle File- How to Stay Fuller, Longer?

What: You used to always skip breakfast and sometimes lunch.  Now you’re eating better, but often the meals just seem to make you hungrier later in the day. Why: Your body prefers a mixed meal. It likes to eat a little bit of protein, fat and carbohydrate at […]

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Tip 62- Salads- Do They Help Or Hurt?

I like a crisp and crunchy salad, but I love salad dressing. The average woman eats about 70% of her fat calories by eating too much salad dressing. Are salads worth the calories and fat? A salad is intended to take the edge off of your hunger […]

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The HealthStyle File- High Energy Daily Food Plan

EAT BREAKFAST. Never skip this meal! Breakfast eaters burn an extra 55,000 calories a year. That’s like burning an extra 15 pounds just by eating more. Always include some fat, protein and carbs at this meal. This combination of foods will keep you fuller longer and rev […]

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The HealthStyle File- Got Stress? Got Fat?

What: You already know that stress can make you feel frazzled, out of control, anxious, and it can shorten your life by helping speed up the process of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. But did you know that stress can also make you fat? […]

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