Tip 64- Health Shockers

As a reader of my newsletter, you know that I love the quick, and often bizarre, health facts. Here are a few health shockers that I had to share with you.

Reading can lower your stress levels by 68%. Listening to music? 61%. I imagine that what you are listening to will make a big difference.

Writing down your “to-do” list dramatically lowers blood pressure. I know that my anxiety levels go down when I actually remember what “to-do” on my daily list.

Own a dog? Spending time with your dog can lower your stress levels even more than hanging out with your friends or drinking a glass of wine. Maybe you need new friends? In addition to lower stress levels, dog owners are 50% less likely to be overweight.

Keep platters of food off the table. If food is out of sight, you will eat 35% fewer calories. If you normally eat 800 calories, but consume 35% less, you will save yourself 280 calories. That’s like losing a pound of fat every 12 days.

Today’s tip: Keep a writing pad by your bed. Jot down your “to-do list” before bed so you don’t think about it as you’re falling asleep.

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