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Archive for May 2013

Easy Fat Burning

Force yourself to eat breakfast. I hate to use the “F” word, but here it goes: Force yourself to eat at least 100 calories within 30 minutes of getting out of bed.  Here’s why: If you eat within 30 minutes of getting up, you will burn an […]

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The Power Lunch

Have you ever felt like you want to curl up under your desk and take a nap in the afternoon? Believe me, I’ve been there, and it’s usually after I overdid it at lunch. If we were all living in Spain or Italy where it’s common to […]

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Bikini Bod

Don’t shoot the messenger. But yes, it’s almost that time of year. It may still be a bit chilly in your area right now, but it is the time to start thinking of dropping some pounds before you pull out those shorts from last summer. Here are […]

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Take Your Vitamins

Disclaimer: Deborah Enos is a Paid Sponsor. Take Your Vitamins What do you reach for when you’re sick? The orange juice, right? I may have some issues with the sugar-content of juice, but I certainly have no qualms with the vitamin C boost. I would recommend eating […]

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Healthy Food Swaps

Last night, a friend sent me a link to her Pinterest board where she posts all the yummy recipes she intends on making. I’ve been on Pinterest before, but last night was different. Last night, I had a little more time to browse around and really get […]

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