Bikini Bod

polkadotbikiniDon’t shoot the messenger. But yes, it’s almost that time of year. It may still be a bit chilly in your area right now, but it is the time to start thinking of dropping some pounds before you pull out those shorts from last summer.

Here are my top weight loss tips to get you in tip top shape-fast:

  • Substitute your bowl of granola for an English muffin = 400 calories gone!
  • Substitute your glass of orange juice for an orange = 150 calories wiped out!
  • Substitute cheese and mayo on your sandwich for mustard = 225 calories busted!
  • Substitute your high fat chips for popchips = 250 calories out the window!
  • Stand versus sitting throughout your day = you, 300 calories lighter!  Try standing during phone calls or taking short walks as breaks.

My favorite bikini bod snack!

I discovered these bars from Biogenesis. They have an incredibly rich flavor, are high in protein (making you feel fuller, longer) are low in sugar and most have 4 grams of fiber. The chocolate mint is my favorite. I took a case on my last business trip and used them for breakfast (along with a piece of fruit) and then I would eat ½ of a bar at night to kill my sweet tooth. It worked! I was in Hawaii for 7 days and came home at the same weight! In spite of indulging in a few cocktails along the way…

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