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Archive for December 2011

#1 Question in 2011

At the end of the year, I reflect on the most common questions I get asked during lectures. I actually do keep track and I find the questions fascinating. Curious as to what they are? Here you go… Am I drinking enough water? The standard advice: eight […]

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Don’t Diet!

You’ve almost made it through the toughest dieting season of the year. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice up till now, it’s not time to completely give in to temptation.  Regardless of what you want to hear, the eggnog and that fudge are NOT calling your name. […]

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Sit & Gain

  I’m a serial- sitter. I sit and read nutrition research for hours. If I’m not sitting and reading, I am sitting and writing or sitting on an airplane. All that inactivity is a career hazard, so I make sure I exercise five days a week. I […]

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Stress Less

  Talk about stress, Black Friday shopping! This year I had to participate in the holiday shopping frenzy. Black Friday saw me out the door and in the stores by 6am, joining a few million others who couldn’t resist the bargains. I knew I’d need plenty of […]

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Nonfat Holidays

Raise your hand if you would consider trying to lose weight during the holidays. (Richard Simmons, you can put your hand down.) Everyone else, let’s talk reality.   Dieting at this time of year would be torture. But maintaining your weight through the New Year would be […]

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