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Archive for July 2010

The HealthStyle File- Little Habits-BIG IMPACT!

What: We are all very busy. Most of us can’t even consider adding one more task on our ever growing to-do list. But most of us would love to feel better and get more accomplished during our day. Is it possible to increase your energy and health […]

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Tip 60- Sugar and Wrinkles

I’ve had a love affair with sugar for many years. Ten years ago, I had some health problems and my physician told me to cut sugar, dairy and wheat out of my diet. I got in my car and cried all the way home. Sugar was the […]

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The HealthStyle File- The Health Effect of One Good Decision

What: You’ve been working on your health over the last few months, drinking more water, exercising and eating more veggies…During the holiday season you started to feel a bit unmotivated, overwhelmed and tired. And now, let’s face it; you don’t have the extra energy to stick to […]

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The HealthStyle File- How To Pack a High Energy Lunch

What: You arrive at work before anyone else, you work hard but by 8am you’re starving!  In fact, most days, the food you bring from home is gone before lunch and you never really feel full. Why: When you get up early you’re body is going to […]

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Tip 59- Food Traps

There are so many ways to blow it on our food choices. Food manufactures, restaurants and supermarkets don’t make it any easier to make good decisions. Here are a few of the latest tricks from the food industry: Supermarket: If you see a sign that says, “Limit, […]

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The HealthStyle File- When Working Out Stops Working

What: The weather has been great, so you’ve been walking every morning before work.  After the first few weeks you lost a few pounds of fat and were even able to fit into some shorts from last summer (no small feat!). But now the same walk doesn’t seem […]

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Deborah’s Kitchen- My “Bomb” Orzo Salad

Ingredients: 1/2 pkg of orzo 1.5 cups of chopped basil 3/4 cup of chopped onion 1.5 cups of chopped cherry tomatoes 1/3 cup of your favorite vinegar and oil dressing (or make your own) 1/2 cup of Feta cheese 1/2 cup of sliced Kalamata olives Salt and […]

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The HealthStyle File- What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Each Day?

What: Money is great, but you can’t buy extra time or energy.  What if by changing a couple of little habits you could create enough excess energy to have an extra hour of fun, work or exercise each day? Why:  Many of us begin to “annihilate” our […]

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Tip 58- How to “Fake” Eight Hours of Sleep…

A lack of sleep can leave you exhausted (yes, I figured you already knew that one!); and it can make it very difficult for your body to recover from any type of illness or hormone imbalance. A lack of sleep can also expand your waistline.   Did you […]

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The HealthStyle File: Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is breakfast so important if I’m trying to lose weight? Breakfast skippers are more likely to have more body fat than their breakfast-eating counterparts. They will be more likely to gorge (not just overeat, but gorge) later in the day and will burn approximately 150 […]

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