Tip 59- Food Traps

There are so many ways to blow it on our food choices. Food manufactures, restaurants and supermarkets don’t make it any easier to make good decisions. Here are a few of the latest tricks from the food industry:


If you see a sign that says, “Limit, 12 per person” shoppers will double the amount they were going to purchase.

Another sign, “Buy 10, so you don’t run out this weekend.” Even if the item isn’t on sale, shoppers purchased 30-105% more.

Both of these methods focus on creating anxiety in the shopper; sad to say, but it works on me almost every time!

Food psychology:

If a food is marked low fat, people will eat 28% more of the product! So much for low fat foods…

When you watch a sad movie at the theater, you will eat 30% more calories than you would if you were watching a funny movie.

Today’s tips:

At the market. Make your list and stick to it, don’t get taken in by signs that are intended to create shopping anxiety.

Buy a regular fat item (for ex: yogurt), enjoy the rich flavor, and eat less of it. Yes, I’m talking portion control.

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