The HealthStyle File- The Health Effect of One Good Decision

What: You’ve been working on your health over the last few months, drinking more water, exercising and eating more veggies…During the holiday season you started to feel a bit unmotivated, overwhelmed and tired. And now, let’s face it; you don’t have the extra energy to stick to your New Year’s Resolution.

Why: You’ve worked so hard, don’t stop now. By making one good health decision a day, you can maintain most of your health gains from the last few months. Even if you haven’t been as committed as you could have been, adding one good health decision a day will help give you the resolve to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions.

How: Pick one of the following “good health decisions” during the next month:

  1. Drink more water. Drinking more water can prevent you from feeling crabby, grumpy and tired. When you get dehydrated, your body can feel as if it’s been infected with a flu virus. Drinking more water can also keep your mucous membranes hydrated. When your membranes are hydrated, it makes it more difficult for a cold bug to take hold. Your good decision: Start your day by drinking a 6-8 ounce glass of water (yes, you can still drink your coffee too). Keep a glass of water on your desk and drink throughout the day.
  2. Choose a cup of tea instead of a mocha. I know, I know, the taste is very different. But if you drink a mocha everyday and you don’t burn off the calories, you will gain a pound of FAT every 10.5 days. Hmmm…that tea is sounding better all the time. Your good decision: Choose a cup of decaf coffee or herbal tea instead of a 300-400 calorie coffee drink. Instead of starting the New Year with extra weight to lose, you could lose three pounds between now and December 31st.
  3. Eat breakfast instead of hitting the snooze button. When you choose to sleep in lieu of food, your energy will never really kick in. Not only will you feel tired, but because your blood sugar is low, you will feel moody and unmotivated. Skipping a meal in the morning will also set you up to crave more food, usually sugar, throughout the day. Your good decision: Get up!  Choose a breakfast that has some protein (for energy) and a carbohydrate (for long term fuel); after all when did an extra ten minutes of sleep feel that good?

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