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Archive for April 2013

To Market To Market

Don’t you just love the fresh, clean smell of organic fruits and veggies in the morning? Okay, so maybe I’m a little obsessed with farmers’ markets, but now that spring has finally sprung, I’m so looking forward to bulking up on fresh produce. Buying organic at the […]

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Go The Distance

  Last week, I went for a run with one of my good friends. She also runs every morning, so I thought we would be a good match. Neither of us considers ourselves “runners,” meaning we don’t run competitively, but we both enjoy getting our feet moving […]

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Sleep Fasting, Break It In The AM

Mornings can be rough. You hit the snooze button one too many times, have an extra cup of coffee to get you going, and then you’re rushing out the door before you know what hit you. But, what about breakfast? I’ve always been a stickler about making […]

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Read to Slim Your Waistline

One of the most important things you can do to become slimmer and healthier doesn’t have to do with depriving yourself. It doesn’t even have to do with exercise (although that’s certainly important). It has to do with a basic skill you learned in the first grade: […]

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