Sponsor FAQ

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What time will the segment run? King 5 New Day Northwest is broadcast at 11am PST. Fox News Q13 is broadcast at 4pm PST. The Doctors T.V. Show is aired locally so please check your local listings.

Will I receive the link to the segment? Absolutely! We will send you the link as soon as we receive it from the producer.

Do you promote our products on social media? Of course! We have a strong social media following and our newsletter has a 30% or better open rate! We will post the link to the segment on all of our social media channels and it will be highlighted in our newsletter.

How many other items will be featured in the segment? Usually 3-4 other items. It’s important to my producer(s) to tell the full story. What this means is – I need to show diversity of products and give as much information as I can to our audience.

Will our products be featured with our competition? That is not my intention. Usually, I show one product from each category at a time. If I do have you on with your competition, it’s because I’m highlighting the best product – yours!

Do your segments ever get preempted? Yes, it does happen. If the segment is preempted we still film the segment and it will be aired at a later time.

How do you pick your on-air sponsors? It usually happens because I found (and LOVED) your product during my weekly shopping excursions.  If you make my cut, it also means that my family loved your product when it hit our dinner table.

Download as a PDF