Pre Event Questionnaire

Primary Contact Information

Event Information

Audience Information

Speaker Supplies

av requirements

  1. A wireless lavaliere microphone.
  2. an LCD projector and remote control advancer.
  3. A handheld microphone for audience participation (preferably wireless).
  4. A white board and colored markers
  5. A 4×6 foot table near the podium for speaker props.

Audience Handouts

I will email handouts to the contact person two weeks prior to the event. I will also offer a phone number/ text message at the end of my talk and send attendees a web address where they can download the handouts

Book Sales/Signings

This is a great opportunity for Deborah to connect on a deeper level with your staff. This allows your employees an opportunity to ask private questions and also purchase Deborah’s book. In the past, this opportunity to meet Deborah, one on one, can make a huge difference in employee compliance. In fact, most employees, after speaking with Deborah, then become leaders in your company health movement! Please allow 20-30 minutes or more to give everyone an opportunity for one-on-one encounters.

During our initial conference call we can confirm whether you will be purchasing books, or whether youprefer to have me handle books separately. Please provide 1 volunteer to assist me during the book signing.

It is my pleasure to donate three complimentary copies of my book to your event-for use as a raffle prize, an incentive to attend or perhaps as a thank you gift to the event organizer.

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