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Deborah Enos, CN – Corporate Keynote Speaker

The One-Minute Wellness Coach

The Health Coach for busy, working people. For corporate speaking engagements, Deborah pares her good-health messages down to simple and fast bullet points that can impact lives in 60 seconds or less. Her advice is something that may add a couple of minutes to your daily routine but will add a huge dose of energy and vitality to your day.

Deborah serves as a board member of the American Heart Association. She has appeared on NBC, ABC and FOX News, and has been featured in The Costco Connection, Parade Magazine, Self Magazine, Good Housekeeping and USA Today.

Deborah’s Goal

“I customize each event so that your attendees hear what they need to hear, so they are encouraged to change their health and their life.” Although each corporate keynote, workshop or seminar is customized, there are a few topics that are commonly requested by HR directors and meeting planners.

Corporate Speaking Program Formats

  • Corporate Keynote Address
  • Corporate Conference Break-Out session
  • Small Group Workshops
  • Half Day Corporate Seminars
  • Executive Retreats

Deborah’s Most Popular Topics

High Octane Food — Discover the foods that can increase your energy, change your productivity and help you to lose weight.

Staying Sharp at Work — Learn what to eat and drink throughout the day to maintain your 9 am energy all day long.

Discover Your Healthy Weight — Acquire easy-to-implement weight loss tactics that can help you shed pounds with minimal effort.

Deborah customizes her talks to address the specific health challenges of your employees.

Deborah’s Health & Wellness Services

Lunchtime Lectures — With customized talks that address your employees’ specific health challenges, Deborah will inspire and motivate your staff to make healthy lifestyle changes — and have them back to work in less than one hour.

Employee Health E-Newsletters — The perfect follow-up to any lecture, Deborah’s Health in a Hurry E-Newsletter delivers cutting edge health advice that can be read in 20 seconds or less.

Food Consulting — Learn the top five foods you can keep in your break room to boost the energy and focus of your employees.

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What Audiences Are Saying

  • I feel fortunate to have heard you speak about wellness and your ideas quick and healthy nutrition options. I’m truly empowered now to take control of living well and have already made several changes!
  • It was such a great morning of practical information and your spirit could not have been more fun. People appreciated that you didn’t have all the answers and that it isn’t a perfect science. A very good morning for all of us.
  • City of Bellingham’s Wellness Program lunch-and-learn presentation with Deborah Enos was a huge hit! Not only did we have a record number of attendees, but the presentation was overwhelmingly popular with all who attended. Deborah hit us with so many tips and information in a fun way, using her personal life and stories to illustrate her points, which helped attendees relate the information to real-life and themselves. Respondents to our post-presentation survey said they found personal value in the program and had already put her easy-to implement tips and information to work immediately. Best of all, our employees want more of Deborah Enos! City of Bellingham
  • Thanks for this. Really like this type of presentation to bring my health knowledge up to speed!!
  • I enjoyed the speaker! She was engaging and made good nutrition relatable and simple to achieve.
  • It was easy to listen to and understand her presentation. I walked away with some quick tips which I could remember without writing down! Thank you!
  • Thanks again for organizing such a worthwhile lunch seminar. I’ve already subscribed to her e-mail list, and, I’m so happy (and lucky) to have won one of her books. I can’t wait to go home and start reading…
  • Deborah Enos presented ‘stay sharp at work’ to our employees. It was fantastic! She uses a lot of humor to engage and connect with her audience, she is incredibly knowledgeable, and her nutritional tips are all very practical . I heard nothing but wonderful feedback from our employees, everyone really enjoyed it. I highly recommend her to other companies – or to anyone who is interested in learning how to eat better and be healthier. Keely Marketleader
  • Thank you again for speaking on our call. Everyone was very interested and excitedly talked about it later in the feedback-we want you back! Valencia NOAA
  • I got a lot out of Deborah’s presentation and I appreciate that Costco is stressing the importance of good nutrition to their employees. Deborah’s presentation inspired me to take better care of myself. Deborah’s helpful shopping list inspired me to go shopping and start onto the path of healthy eating!Costco Employee
  • Deborah Enos presented “Stay Sharp at Work” to our employees. It was fantastic! She uses humor to engage and connect with her audience, she is incredibly knowledgeable, and her nutritional tips are all very practical. I heard nothing but wonderful feedback from our employees, everyone really enjoyed it. I highly recommend her to other companies – or to anyone who is interested in learning how to eat better and be healthier.
  • I thought Deborah’s Lunch and Learn topic was excellent. I’m hoping there are more presentations from Deborah in the future. It was a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition and other related topics. I shared the information with my departments and we had a great discussion.Costco Employee
  • Lunch and Learn, excellent! Deborah is a great speaker and the information covered was extremely informative and helpful. Bring her back, please!Costco Employee
  • Fantastic presenter, great topic, lots of great information. Enjoyed it!!Costco Employee
  • Deborah Enos is amazingly creative and knows her business! She has what it takes to engage people about nutrition in the most effective creative way. She is an excellent teacher and generous in sharing information. She gives realistic, quick nutritious ideas with alluring “can do” attitude. My experience with Deborah was nothing short of exceptional. She was extremely personable and easy to talk to. Once the audience questions started to flow she used her creativity and innovative ideas to help individuals break through old habits and try it her way. She has an amazing gift with an endearing attitude. We were so fortunate to retain her services and look forward to having her again! Lisa W., City of Sammamish
  • I thought Deborah was an excellent speaker and very informative. She had the skill of clearly presenting some key points in a very short time and I came away with several “easy tips” that I think will be very helpful to me. Thank you for the book and bringing her to Skills… I’m excited to read more!
  • Very good information. You can tell Deborah enjoys providing information for healthy eating and healthy habits! Her website has great info, too! Thank you, for inviting Deborah to Skills.

Corporate Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Deborah does more than just provide helpful information. She is determined to get through each and every attendee, giving them real tools that will maximize their performance, boost their energy and give them the confidence to take control over their health – starting with their very next meal.

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