Beach Body Latte

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The following recipe is for my 16oz Healthy Beach Body Vanilla Latte:

In a Blender bottle, add the coffee, sweetener, vanilla extract and milk of choice. Fill a 16 oz. glass with approximately 8 ounces of ice, and pour the sweetened coffee into the glass.

*If you use the Starbucks Via, just use 4 ounces of cold water

Calories: Range of 50 calories up to 100 calories-all dependent on the type of milk you use. I used So Delicious Coconut Almond Milk blend and it’s only 25 calories for 4 ounces.

Sugar:  5 grams (from the milk)  which is a smidge more than 1 teaspoon.

Sweetener used: Choose your personal favorite. I used Monk Fruit in the Raw which is a 0 calorie sweetener made from Monk Fruit.

Compared to a typical Iced Vanilla Latte at a coffee shop:

Calories: 250

 Sugar: 36 grams or 9 teaspoons