10-Min Trader Joes Hack: Grilled Veggie Summer Salad

10-Min Trader Joes Hack: Grilled Veggie Summer Salad

I don’t love raw veggies. Phew, freeing confession! 😅 Here’s why…

Raw cruciferous vegetables [broc, cauli & cabbage] can be tough to digest and cause gas & boating. I think we can all agree those symptoms aren’t pleasant.

However, you CAN make them easier to digest by lightly cooking them [which breaks down their cell walls].

I made this as an appetizer last night and there were NO LEFTOVERS!


❶ Clean & chop veggies

❷ Place them in a bowl w/a generous drizzle of avocado oil [high smoke point for grilling]

❸ Add a little s & p and use a slotted spoon to add the veggies to a BBQ basket

❹ Grill on the BBQ until a little soft [about 10 min at 350°]

P.S. If it’s too much work to start your BBQ, just toss your goods in a frying pan and cook on medium for about 3-4 mins. You want the veggies warm and a little soft, but not limp!

Ready for the best part?

As they say, “the secret is in the sauce.” 👇 NAME THE MOVIE! 👇

NOTHING could be easier than this dipping sauce I created using Trader Joes products…


❶ Mix ¾c TJ’s Herbed Tahini Sauce w/1.5tbsp Goddess Dressing

❷ Sprinkle w/chopped parsley

Now, sit back and listen to all of the compliments coming your way because your dip is so delish! 😋

This is probably one of the healthiest appetizers I’ve ever taken to a party. It got devoured. I think people secretly like eating veggies… they just aren’t used to them tasting so good!

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