Belly Fat-Busting Chocolate Brownie [In-A-Mug]

Belly Fat-Busting Chocolate Brownie [In-A-Mug]

Belly Fat-Busting Chocolate Brownie [In-A-Mug! 🎉]

This brownie may not “bust apart your belly fat.” But, because of the coconut oil, it may not add ANY belly fat and that’s good enough for me!

⦿ 1 tbsp coconut oil
⦿ 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut milk [if using canned, give it a good stir]
⦿ ½ tsp vanilla extract
⦿ ½ tbsps gluten-free flour [I ❤️ @namastefoodsllc blend from @costco)
⦿ 1 tbsp sugar (I ❤️ monk fruit sweetener from @lakanto… no calories!) 💥
⦿ 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
⦿ Pinch of salt
⦿ 2 tsp mini chocolate or butterscotch chips. [If you want to keep it no or low-cal, feel free to skip! But, it’s a YUMMY addition!]

❶ Add coconut oil to a microwave safe @pyrexhome or coffee mug and cook on high until melted [about 30-40 seconds].
❷ Let it cool for about a minute and then add in the coconut milk & vanilla. Stir.
❸ Add in the remaining ingredients. Stir.
❹ Pour mixture into a ramekin or coffee mug and microwave for about 40 seconds [until the brownie is firm to the touch].

Let it rest for a few minutes and then DIG IN! 😋

Why do I ❤️ this recipe?

⓵ Coconut! It’s a medium chain triglyceride. Translation: Your body likes to BURN it instead of STORE it as fat! I don’t know about you, but that’s reason enough for me. But, let’s keep going…
⓶ It’s a pretty small serving… just enough to kill your after-dinner sweet tooth, without stuffing yourself.
⓷ Monk fruit! Using Monk fruit adds sweetness without adding calories. I’m not usually a fan of alternative sweeteners but I’ve read quite a bit of research about this one and it does appear to be a good choice. For more information, check out @drjoshaxe for his take on it.
⓸ It’s insanely delicious. 💯

Recipe modified from @eatingwell. Check the link in my bio to save it!

What’s your fav “guilty” treat, without the guilt?!

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