Grilled Veggie Salad

Grilled Veggie Salad

It’s officially salad season, my friends! 🥗

The only problem… You have to run to the store every few days for lettuce, since it usually only lasts for about a week [even when you take great care of it].

Since lettuce can be a bit fragile, I learned to make salad with sturdier veggies [ones that can last a couple of weeks in my fridge].

My Grilled Veggie Salad has quickly become my #quarantine salad-of-choice and even after the #stayathome order is lifted, I will keep it in my rotation. Why? 

Because it is so darn full of fiber. When you compare lettuce to cabbage… Cabbage is the clear winner in just about every category from fiber, to antioxidants, to minerals.

Cabbage has also been shown to be a known “cancer-fighter” and that people who consume more cabbage [cruciferous veggies] have lower rates of breast, colon, lung AND prostate cancer. I’m sold! ✅

I have to admit, the only time I used to eat cabbage was in coleslaw with loads of mayo… So, I had to experiment to make it work. 

Cabbage can be a bit tough to digest, so I figured out a way to break it down a bit before I tossed it in as lettuce:

❶ Slice the round head of cabbage into 1-2 inch rounds [it looks like a plate]. 

❷ Rub it with Bella Vado Avocado Oil, salt & pepper and toss it on a grill [medium heat for about 3-4 min/side]. You can also cook it in a frying pan on your stovetop or use a George Foreman grill.

❸ Let it cool and then shred.

If I have lettuce on-hand, I usually mix 1/2 lettuce and 1/2 cabbage. I’ve also been grilling other veggies using my favorite BBQ basket. 

In this salad, I added grilled sliced radish and peppers. It’s easy-peasy…

❶ Chop the raw veggies, add to a bowl, drizzle with Avocado Oil and your fav seasoning, and throw it in your BBQ basket.

❷ Cook for about 5-8 minutes on medium heat. Let cool and add to the salad. 

⭐️ Grilling veggies adds a wonderful caramelized flavor and makes a salad taste more like a meal. ⭐️

I promise you… Even people that don’t like veggies [are there people like that?] will inhale this one! 🎉

Pro Tip: Here’s the technique I use to make my salad greens last longer… Wash your lettuce and dry it very well using a Oxo Salad Spinner from Crate and Barrel. Wrap the lettuce in a thin kitchen towel and place it in a Ziploc bag [leaving the bag open]. I’ve had lettuce last almost two weeks using this technique.

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