Garlic Dill Parsley Butter Ice Cubes

Garlic Dill Parsley Butter Ice Cubes

Food Prep Fri-Yay!

Did you know? Herbs are little nutritional powerhouses! 💪

In fact, [of course I have facts 😂] ounce per ounce, herbs contain more nutrients than just about any other type of produce.

The only problem is… they don’t last long in your crisper.

In this season of “trying to make all of my produce last as long as possible,” here’s my healthy hack to make my herbs last long past their shelf life…

⭐️ As your herbs start to turn, [usually only a couple of days after purchasing] transform them into herb butter. ⭐️

I freeze the butter in small ice cube trays and then use them for cooking. For example, the recipe below for my Garlic Dill Parsley Butter is great with scrambled eggs or sautéed veggies [or, as my hubby likes to use it, place-a-cube-of-butter-on-top-of-a-rib-eye 😉].

❥ 1 cube of softened butter [or 1 cup of Ghee Ancient Organics is my fav]

❥ Any herbs you’re trying to save [in my case, dill and parsley, chopped about 1/3 cup]

❥ 1-2 cloves chopped garlic

❥ Salt and pepper [maybe even some red pepper flakes if you want to get a little crazy 😜]

❥ Add to small ice cube trays and freeze. Pop them out and into a Ziploc or other storage container and they will be fresh and tasty for at least three months!

➕ Bonus tip: Start your own herb garden! It’s time people! 🎉 If you’ve never gardened, herbs are the easiest way to get started. The easiest herbs to grow are parsley, basil, thyme, sage and rosemary. Get a small pot and fill with fresh potting soil. Plant 3-4 herbs/medium pot. Each herb will need about 5-6 inches of space so don’t crowd them. Keep it evenly watered [code for, don’t let them dry out] and place them in a sunny location. Cut as needed and now you’re a farmer! 👩🏻‍🌾

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