The Quarantine Fifteen

The Quarantine Fifteen


The question I’ve received the most this week…

“How do I avoid the Quarantine Fifteen if I’m stress-eating or eating out of boredom?”

Why are we so attracted to carbs right now? Carbs are a natural “feel-good-food” that can increase the feel-good hormone, serotonin. 

Here’s how it works in my house… I turn on the news, get sad and then grab a slice of banana bread or handful of chips [and then REPEAT]. 😂

Clearly, carbs are my form of stress management.

And, I’ve been eating foods that I normally wouldn’t, such as Cheez-Its and popcorn. Today, it was Pop Tarts.

I’m gaining weight by the day and more importantly, these carbs are weakening my immune system. 

Here are my top three tips to manage your health during quarantine:

⓵ Eat a good size breakfast/brunch that includes protein. For example, if I eat 2-3 chicken sausages and 1/3 of an avocado with 1 tbsp. of sauerkraut, [it’s delicious, I promise, and great for immune-boosting… @farmhouseculture & @fireflykitchensseattle] I will be full for 4 hours without cravings.

If I eat a piece of toast or bowl of cereal, it’s as if my hunger-gene got turned on and all I want to do is eat — almost as soon as my plate enters the dishwasher! Protein is key. 🗝

⓶ Drink more hot tea or bone broth. Hot liquids can kill your appetite. Also, drinking hot tea or broth keeps me full and it keeps my mouth occupied so I don’t grab the Cheez-Its.

⓷ Brush your teeth after lunch and dinner. Most of us don’t overeat in the a.m. We tend to indulge later in the day, especially since many of us are living in our kitchens these days. Popcorn just doesn’t taste the same with minty, freshly brushed teeth! 😉

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