Stop Touching Your Face!

Stop Touching Your Face!

I have to stop touching my face!

Coronavirus hysteria or legit advice?

Yes, legitimate advice. I read an article today that says we touch our faces up to 90x per day. I have such a bad habit and it’s honestly one of the easiest ways to get sick.

Here are four more tips to help boost your immune system [that don’t involve any trips to Costco]:

① Stress. Yes, many of us are panicked right now and to be 100% honest, you’re not doing your immune system any favors. Here’s how your body reacts to this stress… It starts to slow down your immune system because, back in the day, when we were running away from a saber tooth tiger, we needed to shut down our immune systems so our body could focus on getting away from the threat.  

② Sugar. Avoid it. Sugar will impact your immune system for hours.

③ Alcohol. Cut back on the cocktails. Alcohol can weaken the immune system.

④ Sleep. Lack of sleep decreases the activity of T-cells [a pivotal immune cell] and weakens our immune system. Studies of twins show that the sleep-deprived ones had increased inflammation markers and worse immune markers. Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Be well, my friends. Wash your hands and remember… panic is also contagious and, in the end, can negatively impact your immune system as well.

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