How Long Will Your Produce Last?

How Long Will Your Produce Last?

And, there it is. State-wide lockdown.

Looking to extend the life of your food during this quarantine? Aren’t we all!? 💯

Longest lasting fruits & veggies? Let’s weigh in…

❧ Potatoes: Can last up to 2-4 weeks in the pantry… [Keep ‘em away from heat — they don’t like it]. They may last 2+ months in the fridge. I like to bake a potato and then split it open and fill it with chili [canned is just fine!]. Tip: @amyskitchen is so yummy! 🥔

❧ Cabbage: Store unwashed cabbage in your crisper and you might get up to 2 months out of it! [Fantastic antioxidant & fiber]. I use cabbage as a lettuce replacement, since lettuce is only going to last a few days in the fridge. Shred cabbage very thin and mix with a balsamic dressing. [The vinegar will help to break it down a bit so it’s a little easier to digest]. 

❧ Apples: I’ve had apples last almost 3 months in the fridge in my crisper. Slice as a snack or toss into a smoothie… [Great fiber hit]. 🍎

❧ Oranges/citrus: Up to 6-8 weeks in the fridge. 🍊

❧ Squash: 1-3 months [Cool/dark location… Such a versatile veggie and a good source of #VitaminA]. 

❧ Onions: I chop them, freeze them flat on a piece of wax paper, then toss them in a @Ziploc bag. They should last a few months in the freezer. Otherwise, cool dark place in your pantry and don’t remove any of the peel… [The peel protects the onion and can help to extend the shelf life]. I store my onions in a mesh basket so there’s air circulating. I’ve had onions last almost a year in my pantry! 🎉

❧ Garlic & Shallots: Same advice as with onions, but keep in mind… Once you cut garlic and freeze, the flavor changes a bit; However, the convenience of having chopped garlic ready-to-go is pretty wonderful. I freeze garlic in small ice cube trays [@soupercubes] with a little bit of @ancientorganics ghee or butter. Pop the “garlic ice” out and into a heated pan and your dinner is practically ready! 😋

⭐️ Pro Tip: After you chop garlic, let it sit for up to a minute on your cutting board before putting it to use. Perhaps it’s a wives’ tale, but the allicin in the garlic needs time to magnify to its full anti-viral & immune boosting benefit.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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