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The average weight gain over the holidays is about three pounds. The ‘holidays’ start earlier and earlier so we over- indulge for longer periods of time. People often ask me, for my top tips of how to maintain not only their weight over the holidays but also their peace and Zen ☺

Well…today I am sharing my secrets! Here are my top four tips to maintain your weight and attitude during the holiday season.


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And, if you can’t, make sure you find some supplements that work for you!

Research shows that 50+% of us don’t get enough magnesium through our diets. For example, here are some good sources of magnesium: pumpkin seeds, spinach, kelp and Swiss chard. I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed the last thing I’m craving is a kelp salad ☹

I was surprised when I read the research about some of the possible symptoms of magnesium deficiency: headaches, muscle cramps and sleeplessness. When I think about my health when I’m under stress I can claim just about all of those symptoms!

When I’m really under a lot of work or holiday stress or I’m traveling and eating fewer green veggies that’s usually when I supplement with magnesium. It’s always my suggestion to try food first and then supplement if that’s not working. Natural Calm is a supplement I discovered a few years ago and they call this the anti-stress drink.

Key point: Keep in mind that this is a supplement and it’s prudent to check with your physician before trying ANY supplement. As with most supplements, there will be some people with health conditions that shouldn’t utilize magnesium-so discuss with your health care professional.

Natural Calm Apple Cider:
3 Cups Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider
½ tsp cinnamon
Dash of ground nutmeg
Dash of ground cloves
½ lemon, sliced
1 tsp of Lemon Flavored Natural Calm
Directions: add all of the ingredients (except the lemon flavored Natural Calm and the lemon slices) to a saucepan and bring to a boil and then turn down the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add the lemon slices and the Natural Calm and find your inner ZEN ☺

natural calm


Even if you’re not on a consistent exercise routine, make sure you move your body for at least 20 minutes/day. That can be a walk, vacuuming your house (not my favorite) or standing while folding laundry (another one I try to avoid ☺).

Key point: make sure you have cold weather gear if you like to exercise outside. I just got these Brooks Ghost 9 GTX: they have a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® membrane that keeps puddles out while keeping feet cool and comfortable. I ran in these earlier this week in the rain/snow and sleet and I came home with dry feet! Louie was not so lucky (sending a pic for this)



Many health professionals are now saying the sitting is as dangerous to your health as smoking. I can tell you that if you don’t plan on exercise it just won’t happen. Keep your goals simple, walk the dog, take the stairs or play with your kids more.

I have discovered a fitness tracker that’s functional and beautiful. It’s called the Bella Beat Leaf and tracking your steps is just a very small aspect of what it does. The feature I really like is the stress management app., it shows me my stress levels and lets me know when I’m more vulnerable to stress. This is based on how much sleep and exercise I get in a 24 hour period.

Key Point: Here’s what works for me, before bed, I lay out my exercise clothes and I know exactly how much time I have to work out. I also have rainy day plan. I normally like to jog/walk my dog in the morning before work, but if it’s raining I just don’t want to re-do my hair (I know, big problem). So I know that if it’s raining I will be stretching, doing abs and maybe some push-ups and the walk will have to wait for later.



Okay, I know that because I used the word, ‘ritual’ it sounds like this will take hours out of your day-but, it won’t, I promise ☺

Here’s how my day typically goes, go, go, go and then at 4 pm I crash and start craving a sugary snack. I get it, it’s the way the body was designed, to crave sugar after you’ve over done it and gone too long without eating or perhaps even just sitting down to take a break. I have now created a 5 minute ritual, at 4pm; I brew myself a cup of tea and sit for about 5 minutes.

But, this tea is special; this is the Teavanna white chocolate peppermint tea. I discovered this tea while I was shopping during black Friday (yes, I was out there) and after one sip I realized this was as close as I would ever get to a zero calorie hot chocolate replacement. I feel refreshed after I drink it and bonus, even though it has no calories in it, I feel like I just consumed a sweetened hot drink.


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