Before and After Pictures and How to Get There

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“How did this happen?” “I know what I’m doing, I eat well and I exercise” hmmm… I will admit, I dropped the ball in a few areas of my health for a few months and that’s why it didn’t take long for the pounds to slowly start to creep in. When your weight gain is slow, you almost don’t notice it until your favorite skirt no longer fits.

When I reflect upon how I gained the weight I now realize that there were some good habits I dropped and some not so good (but fun☺) habits I started. And, I’ll be sharing them with you this week and next! Let’s start with these two…


1. I wasn’t consistent with exercise.

Before my head hits the pillow I KNOW what my exercise program will be the following day. If I casually have a “plan” to exercise, studies show that 90+% of us will fail. Need help getting on track? Pick up a Fitlosophy Fitbook!

This is my before and after. Amazing things can happen in a month when you’re consistent!


2. I drank too much juice, AKA, wine.

Find a drink (I like LaCroix lemon with a splash of lemonade) you love and use a wine glass or some sort of a festive glass. I find I don’t miss my after work wine now that I’ve found a replacement.

Watch me make it in less than a minute by clicking the image below!


3. I didn’t eat enough FIBER!

Before I gained that weight last year, I always made sure that I had a really good fiber source either in my fridge, pantry or even in my car. Now, on Sunday afternoons, I make a high fiber soup that I take to work during the week or eat for dinner. I also double the recipe so I can freeze individual portions for use later in the month – the perfect plan for those times when you get sick of eating leftovers!

And, when I get sick of soup (because, let’s face it, a person can only take so much soup haha) I add a scoop of fiber to my morning smoothie! Try Triple Fiber by Renew Life BONUS: It’s now subscribe and save compatible so you never run out and get an even bigger discount!

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Note to self: Wooden utensils do not count as fiber… OOPS!

4. My confidence had been shaken a bit…

I’m now a mentor at a local high school for at-risk kids. Those that might be falling through the cracks or just don’t have an adult in their life that they can talk to. I have to tell you that when you give to someone else, you’re the one that gets the benefit. Even if it’s just smiling at someone while stuck in traffic, is the fastest way to boost your mood, energy and truly bring joy into an otherwise grumpy day.

My favorite places to volunteer are Voice Mentor Program and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

For an extra boost of daily confidence, I also love those inspirational desk calendars. I find that looking at it first thing in the morning sets me on course for a joyful day!

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BONUS TIP: I discovered the Soda Stream machine so I can now have a steady supply of sparkling water without heading out to the supermarket.

I am now saving 250 calories per day! That works out to be almost two pounds of fat burned per month.

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