Prepare Yourself. Summer IS Coming.

deborah enos prepare yourself summer is comingAfter a long winter like the one we’ve had, it feels like we haven’t seen summer in years. But I am here to tell you that summer IS coming. And we all know what that means, less fabric ☺ Shorts, dresses and bathing suits, oh my!

If you have found yourself in an exercise slump, and who could blame you, now is the time to pull yourself out. If you want to have a beach body this summer, you will need to start moving that body now. Here are some of my best tips to get over the exercise slump and prepare your body for swimsuit season.

1. Hang your bathing suit where you can see it – When I say this, I don’t mean put it in the front of your closet. That’s not enough. I mean, hang it over the full-length mirror you look at every day or put it next to your vanity. Put it somewhere you can’t help but look and it will serve as a daily reminder that you will need to wear it soon.

2. Create a deadline – If you do not already have plans for this summer, such as a wedding or a vacation, use Memorial Day. It’s on May 25 this year. Most of us do something on Memorial Day that involves swimming, barbecue and other people, so it is a great motivator. Start marking down the days on your calendar now. Better yet, start crossing off the days you have exercised between now and then.

3. If you get hungry, drink water – Drink water at the first sign of hunger and drink a few ounces about 20 minutes before each meal. Sometimes, our bodies mistake hunger for thirst, so this is a good way to keep from overeating when you were really just thirsty.

My LaCroix Lemonade is another great way to stay hydrated! Here’s a 60 second video with the recipe:



Deborah's Lacroix Lemonade

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    Posted at 19:34h, 04 May Reply

    Summer is going to be great this year! Hanging your bathing suit will certainly keep you reminded that you need to prepare yourself for wearing it! Eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, exercise, and rest as much as you can. Great tips for greeting the summer, I bet there are so many women out there just dying for it to come.

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