Top Healthy Snacks of 2015 – Part 2

Last week I started a two part series on snacking. Have you noticed the “hangry” phenomenon in your household this week? 

It’s important to understand that “snacking” is no longer something that’s frowned upon as long as it’s GOOD snacking.

Good Snacking (Pros):

1. Takes the edge off of your hunger

2. Fills in the nutritional gaps

3. Maintains your mood

Bad Snacking (Cons):

1. Unchecked grazing can lead to bad eating habits

2. Eating in front of the TV or computer creates mindless eating habits and causes you to consume extra calories.

3. Pick the wrong snacks (sugar, salt and fat) and you end up contributing to health problems

As promised, here are a few more of my favorite healthy snacks that won’t spoil your appetite 🙂

Snack #1: Seaweed is hot, hot, hot. Why? It’s a mineral and vitamin rich food that also contains protein. I really enjoy this particular product called Ocean’s Halo. It was created by four dads—two who grew up snacking on chips and two who were raised on seaweed—on a mission to create a chip nutritious enough for the produce aisle, but delicious enough for the snack aisle.

Made from only sustainably grown seaweed and other natural, real ingredients, Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are baked, taste great, and are packed with vitamins and minerals! Best of all, they’ve got none of the bad stuff like GMOs, trans fats, MSG, or artificial anything.

Now USDA-certified organic, Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are available in Chili Lime, Sea Salt, Korean BBQ, Hot & Spicy and the latest flavor addition, Texas BBQ. YUM!

Snack #2: I’m a big fan of bean dips. The only problem is, I don’t normally have time to make my own. Not to mention the mile long list of unrecognizable ingredients on most jars I pick up at the store. So, when I discovered Roasted Chipotle Bean Dip made by The Better Bean Company out of Portland, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement! It has a wonderful taste and I recognize all the ingredients!

The Bottom Line: Always have good snacks on hand so you don’t get “hangry” and you don’t graze yourself into oblivion. Watch the full Healthy Snacking segment on Fox now!

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