Deborah Enos How Much Sugar is Too Much

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

Anybody grab the Frosted Flakes today? We have a couple yes’ OK this has 18 grams of sugar. That’s a lot of sugar! So the problem with grams is, unless you used to be a drug dealer, you don’t know what a gram looks like. Right? OK. So, let me give you a math equation. Boy, this is an interesting crowd. OK. I’m not asking anymore questions!

4 grams of sugar is one packet of sugar. One single serving box of Frosted Flakes is 18g. Who’s good at math? That’s a lot of sugar!

This is how much sugar you can have in a day (5 packets shown = 20g). So was that a good decision to have Frosted Flakes first thing in the morning? You have just turned off your brain! And, when you have this much sugar (18g), it turns off your immune system for between 4 and 5 hours.

So you have Frosted Flakes, you hop on an airplane and you sit next to someone who’s sneezing. Guess what? Guess what you’re going to come home with? A nice big fat cold.

How do you fix it? Here’s the easiest breakfast idea in the world!

Protein protein protein! You want the easiest breakfast in the world? Peanut butter on a whole grain piece of toast. If you have high cholesterol, choose almond butter. Almonds have been shown to lower cholesterol almost as much as statin medications.

Don’t like nut butters? Well, how about another super simple idea?

I like food that used to have a mother. I’m a protein girl. This is my favorite breakfast (showing hard boiled egg). And, I have high cholesterol, but this is still my favorite breakfast. Eggs. One of God’s most perfect foods. This is an energy bullet. Use it!

Hard boiled eggs! Make them up, take them to work, keep them in the refrigerator at work. Hard to travel with, but easy to travel with in the morning. When you have something that used to have a mother within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning, you’ll have energy for between 4 and 5 hours.

Also, if you have a sweet tooth around 3pm. Having protein in the morning will help prevent a sweet tooth in the afternoon!

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