reasons to get over your exercise slump

4 Reasons to Get Over Your Exercise Slump

reasons to get over your exercise slump

I don’t know about you, but around this time of year, I start having some trouble with motivation. I reach a point where I approach the fall and winter with dread. I miss the sunny days of summer and the opportunity to walk my dog after work. And dark and rainy mornings make it harder to get out of bed; five more minutes quickly turns into no time for exercise. So, I’ve had to get a little creative about finding motivation. Of course, I know that exercise is good for me, and when I remember how good it is, my excuses fall by the wayside. So, I’ve collected my favorite studies on the topic, and I post reminders for myself around the house to help keep me motivated.

1. Prevent Cancer – A 2014 Cancer Prevention Research Study found that postmenopausal women who followed a healthy lifestyle, including guidance on diet, exercise and alcohol intake, were at a 20% lesser chance of dying from cancer than those who did not follow a healthy lifestyle.

2. Prevent Bone Loss – A 2006 Sports Medicine study found that an above-average level of physical activity may delay the onset of bone loss after a person has achieved peak bone mass.

3. Promotes Weight Loss – A 2012 American Journal of Physiology – Found that moderate exercise does, in fact, contribute to weight loss. Participants were split into two groups and given directions to exercise or not. Exercisers were either assigned a moderate or severe exercise routine, while non-exercising participants were directed to go about business as normal (no exercise). Participants in the moderate group who exercised an average of 30 minutes per day experienced the most favorable outcome with an average of seven pounds lost per persongreat news!

4. Improves Sleep – A 2010 Sleep Medicine study found that physical activity amongst older adults with insomnia improved sleep quality, duration and efficiency. Those who slept better also experienced fewer depressive symptoms and increased levels of vitality.

-Since I’m now considered an “older adult” this news really speaks to me!

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  • mariah c.
    Posted at 05:45h, 30 September Reply

    Really helped! Needed to see this because I’ve been in the slump mood myself..thanks 🙂

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