Deborah Enos The Doctors Chicago Style DeepDish Pizza

The Dish on Chicago Style Deep Dish

So the Windy City boasts lots of things. It’s got the Sears Tower, Blues Music and gooey deep dish Chicago style pizza.

Before you start downing the whole pie, hold up!

Remember that 1 slice of this pizza has 50g of saturated fat, but there’s no reason to ditch the deep-dish permanently.

Here are my 1 minute wellness tips to make your pizza healthier.

1. Try cutting back on the meat. Every meat you add will ad 40-100 calories per slice! If you want meat on your pizza, stick with a healthy lean protein (just one!) like chicken or ham.

2. Only one type of cheese please. 4 cheese pizza will pulverize your body with 4 days of saturated fat. Mozzarella is your best bet.


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