5 Natural Ways to Defy Age

5 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

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5 Natural Ways to Defy Age

It’s inevitable, we all age. Depending on our lifestyles, some appear to age faster than others… While I don’t condone tucking, pulling and lifting, I certainly want to do something to minimize the visual affects of aging. In fact, I will put up a heck of a fight to avoid wrinkles, gray hair and sagging. Adding these 5 simple habits to your daily routine can help.

  1. Eat good fats. When you limit good fats, your skin will show it in the form of dry skin and a lack of elasticity (which increases wrinkles and sagging). Make sure you have good fats on a daily basis. (For example: almonds, olive oil, avocados and salmon). I used to think nuts were bad for my diet, but studies show they can help you lose weight (by keeping you full), lower your cholesterol and protect you from diabetes. My favorite nutty treat? Kind Bars!
  2. Socialize. The busier I get, the less I return calls to my friends. Having a social network and seeing/talking to friends lowers your risk of obesity and heart disease (not to mention it’s a stress reliever so it may just keep some of those grays at bay). Unless your meeting place is Krispy Kreme of course 😉
  3. Sleep Staying up past your bedtime increases your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Plus, you look like you have a whole set of sagging baggage under your eyes. Not good.
  4. Shield yourself from the sun You shouldn’t become a night owl just to avoid the sun, but you should protect yourself when you’re exposed to it. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen before leaving for the day, wear sunglasses and/or rimmed hats and drink plenty of water!
  5. Work it out I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, exercise is critical to your health! Working out gets your blood pumping and can actually keep you looking younger longer. Not to mention all the other benefits like weight loss, reduced risk of countless diseases, increase in strength and an improved quality of life.
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