Fat Proof Your Life

If you expect that certain events in your life make you fat, studies confirm your suspicions:

  • Holidays add one pound (per holiday!)
  • Menopause – 10-20 pounds
  • New job – depends on what restaurants are within walking distance!
  • Marriage: 6-9 pounds over five years.

I gained five pounds my first year of marriage, probably from eating dinner with a 200-pound man. Research shows that dining with a bigger eater causes a tendency to match their food intake.

I made small changes to lose my five, never gaining it back.

Fat proof your life with these ideas:

  • Drinking a glass of water about 30 minutes before eating fills you up. Caution: Chugging makes digestion difficult and may cause a tummy ache.
  • Eat a high fiber snack 30-45 minutes before dinner. Veggies and hummus fill me up, so I eat less dinner.
  • Enjoy a five ounce glass of wine (the equivalent of ½ can of soda). No ventes! Our taste buds may love wine and it contributes to heart-health, but the amount you consume could lower your resistance to portion control, encouraging you to consume 30% more calories.

My Favorite Fat Proof Tip

Sleep more! Those who sleep less than five hours a night have higher levels of body fat, increased sugar and carbohydrate cravings and a higher incidence of diabetes.

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