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 When I first met my husband, Steve, we were both pretty fit. But ten months later, our first Christmas together, he was up 22 pounds and I was up 18. I was gaining two pounds a month. At that rate, I would be a pretty big girl by the time we finally said “I do”.

We both knew we had to take quick action to change our eating habits and get the weight off.

The question I needed to answer:

Why were we gaining?

Easy answer-we both love to eat! And, during that dating phase, we ate out often. If we ate at home, they were late dinners by candlelight. I realized I was unconsciously matching my eating to Steve’s eating. If he loaded his plate, I ended up loading mine. If he went back for seconds, I did too. And then there was the wine and dessert.

My food history is one of fast gaining and honestly, pretty easy losing. My biggest hurdle? Keeping my weight stable through holidays, work stress and travel.

I did finally lose the weight, but I would continue with my weight loss and gain roller coaster for the next ten years.

Click here for information on what I do now to maintain my weight and the after photo.

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