Worst Snacks of 2012





You just have to turn on your television to be bombarded with all kinds of new snack ideas that will fill you up between meals without detracting from your weight loss goals. But, out of all the buzz words that food companies use, none of them actually tell you what’s in the snack. Low carb, fat free and zero trans fats; Now that you know what isn’t in the food, where’s the nutrition?

It’s no wonder we’re confused.

Think pretzels are healthy? Here’s what happens when you eat them: The white flour hits your stomach and gets digested. Soon, it hits your blood stream and spikes your blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar is high, your body says “Wait… I don’t like this! Pancreas, you need to make more insulin, stat!”

The insulin goes out and grabs as much sugar as possible in an attempt to lower your blood sugar levels. Many problems result, including a huge drop in your energy. So, a carb snack might initially give you an energy boost, but it will eventually drop your blood sugar levels down so low that you end up feeling worse than before you ate; you’re grumpy, tired and hungry.

Avoid the cycle by keeping away from these deceptive snacks:

  1. Pretzels – Low fiber + high carb = insulin spike
  2. Snackwell cookies – Don’t be fooled by the name. These aren’t healthy snacks.
  3. Nabisco 100 calorie snacks (cookies) – Just because it’s only 100 calories doesn’t mean it’s nutritious.
  4. Popcorn – This is a fat-free snack, but it’s lacking in protein, and it’s usually prepared with tons of salt.

Tips on how to make healthier snack choices.

  • Choose snacks that include some protein, a little fat and fiber.
  • Avoid huge hits of carbs, sugar and salt.


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