No Time For The Gym?

Me at 6 years old-I told you I was a handful!

I was a hyperactive child. I know I was a real handful for my parents, teachers and friends. Now the good news…now it’s paying off! According to a Mayo Clinic study, people who move around a lot during the day will burn hundreds of extra calories a year.

Specifically, the study found that heavier people were more likely to sit, while lean people would fidget, stand or walk around. The lean people spent more than two hours a day on their feet when compared to the heavier participants in the group. The heavier group sat for an average of 150 minutes more per day when compared to the lean group; thereby missing out on burning an extra 350 a day! Burning an extra 350 calories a day for ten days knocks out a pound of body fat.

The Mayo Clinic study suggests that fidgeting may control your weight more than going to the gym. Why? People who fidget stay in motion most of the day. At the end of the day, this can burn more calories on a daily basis than a gym workout.

Can you think of one habit to change to get moving for a few more minutes each day?

Sitting burns                                          1.4 calories per minute

Standing burns                                      up to 2.6 calories per minute

Walking burns                                        up to 5.5 calories per minute

Stair climbing                                         6.5 calories per minute

Walking  your dog (10 min.)             30 calories

Clean your bathtub                               34 calories

Weed your yard (15 min.)                  90 calories

Vacuum your home (10 min.)         40 calories

*calorie calculations may vary depending on weight, age and height

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