Easy Tips to Lose a Pound a Week

I’m sure you have done the math. If you burn/cut 3,500 calories you will lose a pound of fat. To lose a pound a week, you’d have to find a way to wipe out 500 calories out of your day. Before you try the latest starvation diet, try some of my simple food substitutes to help get you to the Promised Land.

  • Substitute your bowl of granola for an English muffin = wipes out 400 calories.
  • Substitute your glass of orange juice for an orange = wipes out 150 calories.
  • Substitute your cheese and mayo on your sandwich for mustard = wipes out 225 calories.
  • Substitute your high fat chips for popchips = wipes out 250 calories.
  • Stop eating in front of the TV and on average you will consume 300 less calories per meal. Studies show Americans watch an average of 34 hours of TV a week!
  • Stand versus sitting throughout your day = wipes out 300 calories.  Try standing during phone calls or taking short walks as breaks.

You might also want to try a little exercise…

  • Exercise in interval (sprint) workouts! Click here for a sprint workout I use when I am short on time http://bit.ly/i51DDX.
  • Clean your house! An hour of easy cleaning can burn over 200 calories.
  • Ride a bike! An hour of easy bike riding can burn over 300 calories.  Maybe it’s time to get that old bike out of your shed.

My Favorite way to cut calories:

SLEEP MORE! People, who sleep less than six hours a night, on average, consume an additional 300 calories a day. So if I’m asleep, I won’t eat, right?

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