Tip 65- Beet High Cholesterol

I did not have the healthiest diet growing up, so I’ve always been interested in what foods other people consume in their homes.

Here are some healthy foods from The Eastern European Diet:

Beets are a powerful fighter in the war against cancer. Studies show that beet consumption can increase the amount of immune cells responsible for detecting and eliminating cancer cells. Also, beets can help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, making them a very heart friendly addition to your meals.

Cabbage is a miraculous food. Research has shown that men who eat 3 servings of cabbage a week (along with other veggies) had a 44% drop in colon cancer risk. Cabbage is a staple in Poland, where breast cancer rates are low. In Poland women consume more than 30 pounds of cabbage a year compared to about 10 pounds/year for American women.

Today’s tip: Hit the Farmer’s market and buy some fresh beets and cabbage.

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