Tip 56- Want to Lose 5 Pounds Today?

Sit up straight!

Okay, so you won’t actually lose 5 pounds, but you will look like it. Every inch you stand taller, you appear 5 pounds thinner.

We sit at our computers hunched over, and as the day goes on, our posture gets even worse. When you have poor posture, it’s difficult to draw a deep breath. When you can’t take a deep breath, you become oxygen deficient; this leads to feelings of exhaustion and a lack of concentration.

Poor posture can also affect your frame of mind and vice versus. When you feel great, your posture tends to be good. When people feel depressed or anxious, their body often reflects their emotions and they appear to have “slumped” posture.

Today’s tip: Practice good posture-make it a habit of keeping your shoulders back, abdomen pulled in, your head lifted and chin parallel to the ground. While this may feel unnatural at first, stick with it, even a few minutes a day of good posture can increase your energy.

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  • Leroy Wagner
    Posted at 09:09h, 20 September Reply

    good stuff

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