Tip 54- Crazy Things that Can Cause you to Overeat…


Variety may be the spice of life, but too much variety in our food can cause you to overeat. In one study, moviegoers given M&Ms in 10 colors ate 43 percent more than those who were offered M&Ms in just 7 colors. We eat with our eyes, and our eyes trick our stomachs. The more colors we see on a plate, the more we eat.

Container size:

Moviegoers given an extra-large bucket of stale popcorn will eat up to 50 percent more than those given a smaller container of popcorn. Size matters.

The eyes have it:

Another study found that, hungry or not, people will eat more food if the food is in a clear bowl.  

Today’s tip: Time for a kitchen makeover. Buy smaller plates; 9 inches is a good size for a dinner plate and make sure you don’t buy clear glass, go for the opaque plate. Quit cooking so many side dishes- keep it simple.


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